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  • “Everyone dreaded the mandated training, but when Janett finished, they all agreed it was the most fun they had ever had at training."

Fun and Laughter

What Makes Training Great?

In order to be effective, training must engage and excite the learner. There must be a WIFM (What’s In it For Me?) that makes sense. The material must be well-organized and easy to follow. There must be plenty of time for interaction and questions.

Oh, and did we mention FUN? Absolutely! When people are having fun, they are more open to learning, more creative and MUCH more likely to pay attention and retain what they learn. FUN is not just nice to have; for Common Sense Workplace, it’s a MUST!

We always customize training to the needs of your organization. We will consider your present policies, procedures and forms to be sure we don’t introduce contradictory ideas. Individual follow-up is always available for people who need help with specific problems.

Training Topics:

  • Survival Skills for Supervisors - everything a manager needs to know! this four-part series includes Managment Responsibilities, Managing with the Law, Hiring Great Employees and Performance Management (including terminations). We also offer each part on a stand-alone basis.
  • The Respectful Workplace - a Common Sense approach to prevent harassment. This training satisfies AB 1825 training requirements and meets the annual training requirements for all California employees.
  • Powerful Communication in the Workplace (includes assessment of individual communication styles)
  • Time Management and Organization - what is effective, what gets in the way, and why one style won't work for everyone
  • Customer Service from the Inside Out - turning every employee into a Service Champion!
  • Performance Matters! - setting and maintaining performance standards; solving performance problems
  • The First 90 Days - orientation and training for new employees
  • Project Management - from planning to delegation to on-time implementation
  • Presentation Skills - business presentations with pizzazz and style for people who hate public speaking
  • Better Meetings - stop wasting time and get something done

On the lighter side ...

  • Contented Cows Give More Milk - why and how happy employees improve your organization's productivity and profitability
  • Bridging the Gender Gap - how men and women really are different and how to understand the other side
  • Fun and Humor at Work - why and how to use humor even when things aren't at all funny
  • Stressbusters - saving your sanity in a world that expects too much
  • "We Treat Employees Just Like Family" - and why that's not necessarily a GOOD thing!