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  • “No drama!
    Getting Common Sense to handle the investigation made it easier on everyone. We got to the bottom of the issue, dealt with it and now have a strategy to avoid such problems."

Fun and Laughter

Getting the Real Story

Of course, anytime you have a complaint, especially about something as sensitive as harassment or discrimination, you’ll want to start an immediate investigation…for your protection and the employee’s protection too. But often, investigations are better handled by a professional. Why?

  • You’re just too close to the people and/or the problem.

  • You need the credibility that comes with impartiality.

  • Employees will talk more openly with an outsider.

  • You're not sure how to do an investigation or who to include.

  • An outside investigator has no “agenda” or interest in the outcome.

  • Poorly-handled investigations increase employer liability.

  • Hiring a professional shows that you take complaints seriously.

  • You just hate doing investigations!

Common Sense Workplace will interview complainants, alleged wrong-doers and witnesses. You'll receive a full report, including a conclusion based on the interviews, reviews of documents and past events. We will propose a plan of action for communicating with those involved and disciplinary action if necessary. We will also suggest ways to prevent similar complaints.

Of course, we will work closely with your attorney…or recommend a good one!