Common Sense Workplace provides Management Consulting and Training

Common Sense Workplace balances the needs of your organization with the needs of the people who work there. We bring you real-world experience, practical solutions, and the tools and training to build a great place to work. We also have the expertise to prevent and handle any problems along the way.

All of us are aware of increasing employer responsibilities, especially in California. But we also believe in One Great Truth: happy employees don’t sue their employers!

Whether you are looking for help with a single HR issue, or a major overhaul of all your People Programs, we deliver Common Sense solutions right for your organization.

Janett Edrington

See what a little Common Sense can do for your Workplace!

Janett Edrington, President and founder of Common Sense Workplace, Inc., specializes in HR Consulting and Training. She has over 25 years of HR experience as a manager, trainer and consultant. A popular speaker before employer groups and HR professionals, she addresses technical as well as motivational topics. Her diverse client base consists of large and small employers, including many start-ups, from hi-tech, biotech, financial and professional services, health care, manufacturing, and non-profit organizations.

HR Professional

Help in a Hurry!

Do you sometimes feel as if you run from one crisis to the next…while the stack of “to-dos” and projects grows ever bigger? You need some help! Common Sense Workplace can lighten your load…

Business Owner

HR - Sized to Fit!

You’re the expert when it comes to running your business, but you’re probably not an expert in Human Resources Management and all the related compliance issues. Fortunately, with Common Sense Workplace, you don’t have to be.

Event Planner

Programs with Pizzazz!

When you’re the person charged with producing a “good time,” finding a terrific speaker is often a major challenge. For fun, motivation, and a great learning experience, Janett Edrington delivers!